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Culinary Subang, there is a Ngorejat Chili of Sop Jablay

For those of you who are travelling to the area of Subang, West Java, you can stop by briefly at the warung Sate Maranggi Ciawitali, Serangpanjang, Subang, West Java. In it, there is a new sensation of eating  soup. The name sop ngorejat.

"Taste of sop ngorejatnya really steady," said Cecep Suprihatin, http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/2015/06/resep-capcay-kuah.html  a first-time visitor should visit the Ciawitali maranggi Satay stalls, Saturday, December 27, 2014. Cecep confessed, ngorejat different flavours of sop with another sop that once he tasted. "Sensations of spiciness is very pronounced, the smell of spices and tastes more tempting."

So slurping the broth, Cecep said, penyantapnya is guaranteed to be straight ngorejat cita-rasanya a.k.a aghast, because warm, spicy and directly burn the spirit of appetite.

Beef cuts that were served in a bowl with the broth is also tender and does not need to be chewed up in a matter of five to ten times the cud. So, no wonder the've scalloped soup connoisseur toothless can also enjoy it comfortably.

AJI, a connoisseur of soups and other ngorejat from Bandung admitted it is difficult to compare the taste of this soup with the other soup. "It feels like stamping tastes," said Aji. "We definitely so his regular customers."

Owners warungSsate Maranggi Ciawitali, Sofiah, revealing secret Yoyoh kitchen soup and satay ngorejat marangginya. Yoyoh said, don't just use the ngorejat soup seasoning standards, such as onions and nutmeg instead.

"We are adding other ingredients namely cloves, ginger and cayenne pepper jablay," said Yoyoh while snickering. Yoyoh describes reserved designations jablay cayenne pepper, red pepper which is very spicy. "Hence, taste spicy and make sopnya keringatan."

The savory seasoning extra calling Yoyoh sop ngorejatnya as a result of the experiments themselves for wanting to taste more gahar sop. "My husband and hobby sop, but, if bought at restaurants wherever it feels almost uniform. That's why we make that tastes different, "he said. Reserved price, one portion of sop ngorejat dibanderol Rp 15 thousand one portion.

Warung Sate Maranggi Ciawitali stand by Sundanese architecture located on Provincial Highway between Wanmayasa-Long-Sagalahersang-attack. View stall overlooking mount http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/2015/06/resep-lumpia-goreng-enak-banget.html  Burangrang and mount Tangkuban Parahu. Across the street, an eye could see were treated to a smorgasbord of palm plantations.
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