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Take your Culinary Taste Sate Kikil and Carving Centers Tour

Community Volk's J (Volkswagen Jepara) the arrival of hundreds of guests from various areas in Indonesia who attended Volk's J and Beach Party Volkswagen. They were treated to a variety of things about Jepara.

Starting from carved furniture, handicrafts and furniture, coastal tourism http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/2015/06/resep-donat-jco-asli-dan-empuk.html so unique culinary mainstay Jepara until that can only be found on Earth Kartini. The first objective is to eat Satay kikil. Although made from the skin of animals like water buffalo or cow but when bitten remain tender. Especially if it's eaten with Satay kikil horog-horog sort of rice made from Sago.

"New this time eat Satay kikil. I think it's hard, but surprisingly soft. It was also good, "said Vita who came to follow his father, Jepara VW hobbyists from Magelang. Kikil Sate http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/2015/06/resep-onde-onde-kacang-hijau.html  and horog-horog was deliberately presented free of charge by the Committee Volk's Gawe J and Beach Party on Earth Volkswagen Kartini held at Gelora Bumi Kartini complex (SGBK) Only Saturday-Sunday (12/27-28).

As coastal areas, Jepara is actually known for its culinary specialties such as grilled fish, along the shores of boiled srani, and others. But the organizers deliberately presents a two Volk's menu that may not have been known by hundreds of VW hobbyists from different areas in Indonesia who came to Jepara.

"This is part of our efforts to introduce the original Jepara is also culinary. If out of town just try search kikil sate and horog-horog definitely hard, maybe even no one is selling, "said Chairman j. Volk's, Najamudin Eka Samaka. Volk's Gawe J core events and Beach Party Volkswagen lasts all day, yesterday.

Beginning with the meat Satay kikil and horog-horog, the VW hobbyists are invited directly around the hub of carving, furniture, and furniture in Jepara. Mantingan-starting from Langon-Ngabul-Bawu-Pekalongan-Annual until Mulyoharjo. Along this road, the eyes of the VW hobbyists is pampered with a variety of products of carving, furniture, or furniture such as desks, chairs, cabinets, sideboard, calligraphy, etc.

Happy touring centers of furniture, the VW was invited to the hobbyist site tour mainstay of Jepara. The Coastal Ocean and beach Bandengan Tirta Kartini. Bandengan Beach VW hobbyists are pampered with the white sand on the beach of the ramps. Being on the coast of Kartini, this VW hobbyists treated Kurakura Ocean Park (headers) are often referred to as Sea World ala Jepara.

A variety of animals ranging from sea turtles to sharks can be found in the HEADERS. Visitors can also see the output of this Germany cars of various types until the year exhibited at the Futsal Field Area SGBK. Various collections such as VW'S Frog, Safari, Dakota, Buggy, Variant (hunchback), Combi, up to Karmangia. "Most old VW Car possession participants who participated in this event in 1956 Oval Frog species," said Najamudin.

In the meantime, Jepara Wabup Subroto hope this event is a free promotion to introduce Earth Kartini to another party. He hoped the VW hobbyists can tell me her experience during in Jepara to family members, relatives, relatives tolan, co-workers, and others that exist in its territory. "Promotion through pounding tular is effective to introduce various potentials of Jepara," he asserts.

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